Mirana, the White Queen

Alice in Wonderland

MiranaCharacter: Mirana, the White Queen
Variant: White gown
Debut: April 2011


The skirt is made of white heavy duchesse satin and has an overlay of white organza with big, silver stars and snowflakes printed on. It’s lined with white taffeta and interlined with tulle. In order to achieve the elliptic shape of the skirt (similar to a robe d’anglaise), a pad of nested tulle was sewn at each side of the skirt between the duchesse layer and the lining. The apron is made of white organza with small silver foil stars printed on. It’s three-quarter length and edged with white frayed wool thread. The skirt closes in back with an invisible zipper.


The blouse is made of white, sequined organza. The sleeves are overlong, folded back and tied at height of the wrist. The puff sleeves are made of duchesse satin and have an overlay of white, sequined organza. The hem of the puff sleeves, sleeves of the blouse and the neckline are decorated with a frayed wool thread. At the neckline, there’s additionally a pearl strand with white, oval pearls. The blouse closes in front with three pairs of small straps.


The corset is made of white denim and has an overlay of sequined organza which is also used for the blouse. It’s boned with different types of boning (flexible spiral steel boning for the sides and rigid steel for the stomacher and the back of the corset). The triangular stomacher of the corset has an overlay of white tulle which is machine-embroidered with golden thread. The same embroidered tulle is also used at the lower edge of the corset as decorative peplum. The stomacher is heavily decorated with silver metallic lace, white frayed wool thread with star-shaped sequins, white fabric flowers, cream and silver pearl strands and two types of white pearl fringes. The big bow in the back is made of the same organza than the apron. The corset closes in the back with lacing.


The choker is made of white organza ribbon. It’s decorated with a strand of rhinestones in golden sockets which is framed by two rows of big pearls with golden caps and the frayed wool thread. I wear a white wig and a small stuffed, grey mouse with the gown.


  • This gown is made in cooperation with Sven L. Weber from Tygron Design

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