Game of Thrones

ShaeCharacter: Shae
Variant: Sand yellow and bronze dress
Debut: April 2016


The dress is made from a sand yellow sari. The sari is cut into four pieces and sewn together into a tubular shape. The piece with the pallu is used as front part. For the drawstring casing, bias binding is sewn to the left side of the front and back of the dress. A wine red passement trim and thick cord are sewn together and threaded through the approx. 2,5 wide bias binding channel.

The side part of the dress is draped around the body and sewn together in the back. The remaining open edges are also sewn together from the back right up to the cape-like back of the dress. There’s no closure neccessary, you just open the knot of the drawsting halter top and slip into the dress. Due to the fact that the dress is not lined, I wear a light ivory corsage and leggings underneath.


The belt buckle is only for decoration, the belt is closed in the back with a lacing. The belt buckle is made of two layers of thermoplastic polymer sheets (Worbla’s Finest Art and Worbla’s Black Art) and wire. It is primed with several layers of gesso (approx. 6 layers) and sanded. The bud-like clasp is made of from Polystyrene sheet and decorated with half pearl. The two plates of the belt buckle are connected with each other with the help of three metal rings. The belt buckle is painted with acrylic paints in antique gold and black. The belt buckle is mounted onto a fabric belt made of embroidered, sand yellow shantung and an embroidered sari trim. The belt is reinforced with fusible interfacing and closes in the back with a lacing.


  • Birgit Müller and Marc Richter, thank you for the pictures!

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