Regina, the Evil Queen

Once upon a Time

ReginaCharacter: Regina, the Evil Queen
Variant: Ruby red gown with cock feather collar
Debut: October 2014


The gown is made of ruby red and black jacquard, black taffeta and a red vintage sari trim. The vintage sari trim was decomposed and puzzled together for decoration of the corsage, collar, neckline, sleeves and the stomacher. The bodice of the gown is tight-fitting and boned with steel. The gown is lined with black taffeta and closes in front with hooks and eyes. The stomacher ist made of buckram reinforced with wire and covered with jacquard. It’s heavily decorated with appliques from a vintage sari trim. The stomacher is sewn to the gown at the right side and is fastened with the help of hooks and stitched eyes. The skirt part is pleated into the waist seam. The upper sleeves are loose-fitting. The very wide lower sleeves are made of three layers of black tulle and a layer of wine red chiffon.

The collar is a separate piece. It’s made of buckram reinforced with wire. It’s covered with jacquard (outside) and black taffeta (inside) and decorated with appliques from a vintage sari trim and a black iridescent cock feather trim. It’s attached to the gown with the help of jacquard straps and five press buttoms.

Corsage, skirt and petticoats

The corsage is a ready-made one from Strenesse which is decorated with appliques from a vintage sari trim. The skirt is made of black, embroidered taffeta. The skirt is supported by two tulle petticoats.

Jewelry and hair piece

The necklace and the earrings are ready-made. The claw ring is made of a ready-made ring and a metal ornament. The updo hairstyle is made with the help of a sponge, a half wig and my own hair.


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