Final Senate Gown

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Amidala final senateCharacter: Senator Amidala
Variant: Final senate appearance gown
Debut: July 2013

Gown, coat and cape.

The whole gown is made in one piece. It’s made of pastel violet velveton (coat), burnout velvet dyed in purple (skirt), pastel violet taffeta (lining of skirt), dark violet velvet (cape and apron), dark violet taffeta (lining of cape and apron), knife pleated, lilac tissue silk (scarves). The upper part of the loose-fitting gown is made of pastel violet velveton with velvet piping. The gown has Vienna seams, a waist seam, a yoke and a rolled collar with velvet piping at the edges. The coat, cape and apron are attached to the gown at the seam of the yoke. The rolled collar is stiffed with fusible interfacing and closes in front with a decorative, self-made shank button. The bishop sleeves have velvet piping and a narrow cuff. The cuffs are closed with the help of two pairs of self-made buttons which are made by sculpting polymer clay onto ordinary shank buttons.

The skirt part of the gown is double layered, purple burnout velvet is layered over pastel violet taffeta. It’s attached to the gown at the waist seam. The gown is worn over a medium sized crinoline with ruffles. It closes in front with an invisible zipper and hook and eye closure.

The cape and apron are stiffed with fusible interfacing and lined with dark violet taffeta. The edges of the cape and apron are decorated with an ornamental design. The lilac metallic fabric paint is applied with the help of a self-carved rubber stamp. The scarves are made of silk tissue which was dyed in lilac and knife pleated. The brooches are made by a dear friend of mine (Thank you, Queeny!).

Headdress and hairpiece

The silver painted, crescent shaped headdress is made of Polystyrene sheets, artificial hair and a comb. A thicker PS sheet is cut in a crescent shape and serves as base. The wing-like decoration is made of thinner PS sheets. Every single feather-like piece is separately cut out, brought in wedged shape by sanding and is glued to the base.

The loops of artificial hair are sewn to the same comb than the crescent headdress itself.


  • This gown is made in cooperation with Sven L. Weber from Tygron Design
  • Thank you, Queeny, for sculpting the brooches!
  • Birgit Müller, thank you for the pictures!

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