Shieldmaiden Gown

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Eowyn shieldmaidenCharacter: Éowyn of Rohan
Variant: Shieldmaiden gown
Debut: October 2006


The dress is made of a crepe georgette in cream with a slightly shot of pink. It has princes seams and a dagged neckline. The sleeves are trapezoidal. They are slit open to the height of the middle of the forearm and gathered to the height of the elbow. A cord is wrapped around the upper arm.

Vest and corsage

The vest and corsage are made of brown velours. The sleeve caps and the neckline are decorated with a metallic lace. The vest closes with a zipper. The corsage is boned, quilted and stitched in diamond-shape. The edges of the corsage are decorated with same metallic lace as used for decoration of the vest. There’s a lacing with gold cord in the back.


Eowyn’s sword is official merchandise.


  • Thank you, Barbara, for this wonderful dress

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