Gold court gown

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Elizabeth goldCharacter: Elizabeth Swann
Variant: Gold court gown
Debut: October 2006


We used Burda 2447 as pattern for the whole dress. Only the shape of the sleeves needed little modification. The gown is made of a golden jacquard and lined with a golden satin. The sleeves are gathered at the front edges and decorated with cream cotton lace. The ruff around the neck is made of the same cotton lace.
The opening at the front is edged with a self-made trim. The trim of the original gown is decorated with bows. We didn’t find a more accurate trim than the one with roses. We took it instead and it worked quite well. This rose trim is sewn onto a brown ribbon.

Stomacher and underskirt

The underskirt and the stomacher are made of an ivory jacquard. The stomacher has a strong interfacing. It’s embroidered with soutache, thick thread, appliques and pearls in cream. Some pieces of the golden fabric were also cut out and sewn to the stomacher to create a more adequate look (the original stomacher is interlined with the golden fabric of the dress. The upper ivory fabric is cut out so that the golden fabric is visible). The stomacher is attached to the gown at the left side. The gown fastens at the right side with hooks and eyes.

Panniers and hoop

To create the typical shape of rococo gowns, I wear a commercial available hoop and self-made panniers beneath the gown.

Hat and accessories

The hat is also self-made. The base for the hat was a straw hat. We disassembled it, changed the shape of the upper part to make it more flat and sew it together. Then it was covered with cream fabric and decorated with trim. Finally wide ties made of chiffon were added.

The fan is a commercial available fan. The necklace and the earrings were made by a friend of mine.


  • The jewelry is made by Katrin Streng
  • Andreas Kinder and Birgit Müller, thank you for the pictures!

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