Lucrezia Borgia

Assassins Creed II

Lucrezia BorgiaCharacter: Lucrezia Borgia
Variant: Crimson red velvet gown
Debut: May 2012

First of all, this gown is not meant to be a reproduction of the ruby red gown that the character Lucrezia Borgia wears in the video game. It is ‘just’ made in the style of Lucrezia’s gown and mixes different styles: Lucrezia’s gown as seen in the video game, the concept art of the video game gown and historical Italian 16th century Renaissance gowns (1540-1580).


The square-neck gown is made of ruby red silk velvet with a black back (ruby red rayon pile with black silk back), red shantung and red cotton fabric. The bodice is boned and closes in the back with a lacing. The decoration of the bodice with golden bullion sari trims is in the style of Eleanor of Toledo’s funeral dress (c1562) and the so-called ‘Red dress of Pisa’ (c1560).

The skirt lies flat in the front. At the sides and in the back, the skirt part is roll pleated into the waist seam. The puffed and dagged upper sleeves are a sandwich construction of a tight-fitting inner sleeve of red cotton, a wider outer sleeve of red shantung and wide straps of ruby red silk velvet. The velvet straps are decorated with rhinestones, facet cut golden metal beads and red glass beads. The tight-fitting lower sleeves are made of ruby red silk velvet and are closed with two pairs of small red cords.

Ruff and veil

The open fronted, pleated ruff is made of cream Venice lace. It’s supported by a wire frame which is sewn in between the pleats of the ruff. The ruff is attached to the gown with the help of four pairs of small cords.

The veil is made of red silk organza and fastens to the back of the bodice with the help of a pair of the same self-made square brooches which are also used at the bodice jewelry.


I wear a petticoat (made of white, stiff tulle and red shantung) and a crescent bustle pad (made of red shantung and wadding) underneath. It’s not necessary to wear stays with the gown, because the bodice of the gown already is boned.

Jewelry and Accessories

The bodice jewelry, the pair of bracelets, necklace, ring and earrings are made of a bunch of different materials: metal ornaments, wire, buttons, chains, rings, rhinestones and parts of ready-made jewelry. I wear a blonde, wavy front lace wig, a red pouch and red strappy pumps with the gown.


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