Plum pirate gown

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Elizabeth plumCharacter: Elizabeth Swann
Variant: Plum pirate gown
Debut: October 2007

Under dress and skirt

The under dress is made of an ivory crepe cotton fabric. It has three-quarter sleeves and closes in front with lacing running through a lot of grommets.

The gathered skirt is made of a black crinkle cotton fabric. The skirt is open in front. The edge of the front opening is decorated with a black passement trim.

Over dress

The over dress is modeled after an eighteenth century polonaise dress. It consists of a bodice and a gathered skirt attached to the bodice. The dress is made of plum-colored antique satin, a drapery fabric. The bodice has princess seams in front and “Vienna seams” in the back. It’s lined with black lace to imitate a plum and black colored brocade which was used at the original dress. There’s a second bodice set in at the side seams to pretend the existence of a whole inner bodice. This pseudo inner bodice is made of the same black crinkle cotton fabric than the skirt. It’s decorated at the edges with black lace. Both bodices are sewn together in the lower front. They are closed in front with hook and eyes.

The sleeves are gathered at the shoulder and just below the elbow. They are additionally gathered at the front and tacked by the same gold trim which is used for the remaining decoration of the dress. There is a under sleeve sewn into the cuff of the outer sleeve. It’s made off-white batiste and lace in cream.

There’s a lot of decoration on the dress. The armhole, cuffs of the sleeves, the edges of the bodice, waist seam and the “Vienna” seams in the back are decorated with a small, golden trim. The front opening of the skirt part of the over dress is additionally decorated with a two-ply trim made of a wide black lace and a small golden trim on top. There’s a frog closure with a golden button at the bodice and a half frog closure with a golden button at the upper part of the arm hole, too.
The skirt part is pinned up at the sides to create the typical shape of the skirt of a polonaise.


The necklace with the pendant are official merchandise.


  • Thank you, Pamela, for that wonderful gown
  • Andreas Kinder and Birgit Müller, thank you for the pictures!

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