The Lord of the Rings

HaradrimCharacter: Àkah`jah
Variant: Ceremonial garment
Debut: October 2007

Àkah`jah is a fictive character which is inspired by the Haradrim in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the rings”. She’s a Haradrim princess and a great bounty hunter. It’s difficult to describe this costume, because it has such a big number of details. This gown consists of several layers and you nearly need an assistant to dress up.

Top and skirts

The wrap-around top is made of a rough jacquard in beige and red. A ruby-colored feather trim is attached at the neckline. The sleeves are pentagonal. The edges of the sleeve are decorated with leather straps with an imaginary Harad design (fictive Haradrim symbols, letters and slogans). The skirts are also wound. They are made of fawn cotton which is dyed by hand brindly.

The aprons consist of two pentagonal parts. The subjacent layer is made of the same jacquard than the top. It’s like the sleeves decorated with leather straps with a Harad-like design. The top layer is a smaller then the subjacent layer and made of ruby-colored georgette. Three self-made black and gold trims are vertically running down the apron. The bottom of these straps is decorated with embossed metal foils and feathers.

Corsage and decorative back construction

The corsage is made of coconut mat. It consists of two parts which are tied up at the side. It’s decorated with pearls, metal discs, metal appliqués and metal foils which are embossed with imaginary Haradrim symbols, letters and slogans.  There’s a mounting for the decorative back construction on the back of the corset. The skeletal structure of the back construction consists of bamboo shoots which are tied up with strand of bast. It’s decorated with bast, fabric and straps of different fabrics which were used for the rest of the costume.

Headdress and accessory

The headdress is made like a cap which is hog-tied with some straps of fabric. It’s decorated with dreadlocks, feather trims, loose feathers, pearls, trims, ribbons of bust, straps of leather, straps of different fabrics which were used for the rest of the costume and so on. I walk bare-footed, wear a wooden dagger and a matching leather bag with the costume.


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