Mourning Gown

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Arwen mourningCharacter: Arwen Undómiel
Variant: Mourning gown
Debut: October 2007


The dress is made of night blue velveteen. It has a waist seam and a false opening in front with eleven golden bottons; the screen accurate buttons from HushCo. The original gown has twelve buttons at the front opening. But I’m not as tall as Liv Tyler, so we took eleven buttons instead to keep the proportions right. The funnel sleeves are lined with anthracite taffeta. The V-shaped insert at the neckline and the girdle are made of a red satin.

A metallic jacquard trim is framed by a beige red bias tape  and a golden passement trim. The jacquard trim is decorated with golden bullion trim and self-made chenille leaf appliques. At the end, the trim is embroidered with golden thread and beaded with iridescent beads.

Crown and veil

The veil is made of anthracite crepe chiffon. The crown is made of stainless steel, window coloer and gold leaf.



  • Thank you, Kay, for the gorgeous crown
  • Andreas Kinder, thank you for the pictures!

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