Togruta senator

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

TogrutaCharacter: Tomat’en, a Togruta senator (invented character inspired by Shaak Ti)
Variant: Senatorial robes (original design)
Debut: October 2014


The garment consists of a tunic, a fabric belt and a vest with incredible long sleees. The garment ist made out of a lot of different types of fabric, e.g. jacquard, wool, matelasse, velveteen, microfibe etc. A ready-made hoop skirt is worn underneath.


The head piece is modeled with clay on a plaster head cast. Then several layers of liquid latex were dabbed onto the clay model. The tentacles are made by rolling up a triangle piece of latex laminate film. The headpiece and tentacles are glued together with liquid latex and filled with wadding. The headpiece is mounted on a latex bald cap which was dabbed directly onto the plaster head cast.


  • This garment is made by Sven L. Weber from Tygron Design
  • Thank you, Jessica Schamma, for your former Shaak Ti mask
  • Birgit Müller, thank you for the pictures!

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