Adria aka Orici

Stargate SG-1

AdriaCharacter: Adria
Variant: Gold gown
Debut: April 2008


The dress has two layers: a brass-colored taffeta and a yellow and golden lace as top layer. The dress is strapless and tight-fitting until the waist. It has bust and waist darts. There’s a wide godet inserted in the back seam which forms also a small train. It closes in back with a zipper. The upper edge of the dress is decorated with a small gold and cream colored, waved trim. The decoration of the dress is made of two different brass-colored metal belts, a brass-colored metal ornament and two bronze-colored chains.


The choker is made of the same fabrics than the dress. It’s boned in front and at the sides. It’s decorated at the upper and lower edge with the same gold and cream colored trim like the dress. It closes with Velcro in the back.

The necklace is self-made. It’s made of a bronze colored pendant with a cream artificial stone on top and wooden beads in different sizes.


  • Thank you, Chrissy, for the fabric and the pumps!

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