Slave Bikini

Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

Leia slaveCharacter: Leia Organa
Variant: Slave bikini
Debut: May 2006

Bikini, cloack and boots

A friend of mine helped me with the fabric parts (the inlay of the bra and the aprons), the modification of the ready-made boots, and he made a wine red cloak in the style of a Jedi cloak. I bought beige suede boots at a local shoe store. Some leather had to be added, because the ready-made boots were not high enough. Then the shoes were cut into the correct shape. With the aid of spray-on glue, the shoes were covered with grey velvet powder. Finally, thick golden cords and tassels were added to complete the shoes.

The resin parts of this costume are a kit from Leia’s Metal Bikini. Jamin’s offering a more elaborate version of the costume nowadays and I’ve bought some new parts for upgrading my costume, boot tops and smaller hair ornaments. Unfortunately, I’m not in shape to wear a bikini in public anymore and did not start with the modifications yet.

Hairpieces and lance

The hairstyle is a combination of my own hair (for the bun) and a artificial hair (for the braided ponytail).

The lance was a present of a friend of mine. It’s made of wood and painted in silver.


  • This costume is made from a resin kit from Jamin Fite from Leia’s Metal Bikini
  • Thank you, Andreas Ossowski from Costumes Arts & Visions, for adding the fabric parts, modifying the boots and the matching cloak!
  • And thank you, Jochen, for the lance!

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