Corset Gown

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Padme corsetCharacter: Padmé Naberrie
Variant: Corset gown
Debut: October 2006

Skirt, corset and fingerless gloves

The skirt is made of black burnout velvet and lined with silver grey dupioni silk. The skirt has a godet inserted in the back seam to create this fan like look of the train.

The corset is a commercial available leather corset.

Formerly I had fingerless gloves made of artificial leather. But I was not satisfied with the appearance and the wear comfort. So I made new fingerless gloves out of an old leather coat.

Neckpiece and circlet

I bought three ready-made pearl belts at a local clothing store. They were sewn onto a base of black velvet. A vintage jet pearl ornament was used as brooch for the collar part.

The headbands are made of two stripes stainless steel which are welded together. Thank you, Jochen!

Feather capelet

This was really the hardest part to make. I had only one meter of a ready-made cock feather trim, so I had to make the rest (about 3,5 meters) on my own. Therefore, I decomposed a feather boa made of cock feathers and glued them into bias tape. Then I fixed them additionally by sewing over the bias tape. This self-made and the ready-made feather trims were sewn onto a cape made of black fabric.


  • The base of this costume was made by
  • Thank you, Jochen, for the stainless steel headbands!
  • Birgit Müller, thank you for the pictures!

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