Dark Galadriel

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Dark GaladrielCharacter: Lady Galadriel
Variant: Dark queen armor
Debut: April 2015


The multi-layered gown is made of six different types of fabric in different shades of grey: acetate lining, taffeta, viscose satin, crepe georgette, embroidered poly crash chiffon and embroidered crinkle silk chiffon (the pattern of the silk chiffon comes very close to the screen-used chiffon). The overlong gown has trumpet shaped sleeves, has a long train and closes in the back with a zipper. The gown has princess seams and a waist seam. The bodice is just two-ply, but the skirt part and the sleeves are multi-layered. The gown was torn to shreds and heavily weathered with acrylic paint.

Armor and brooch

The armor is made of two layers of Worbla’s Finest Art and an interlayer of Wonderflex. The theromoplastic polymer sheets are deep drawn over a positive mold with the help of a heat gun. The raw cast is cut into shape. Irregularities are compensated with putty. For a smooth surface, the armor is primed with several layers of gesso (approx. 6 layers) and sanded. For the hammered scale design, 4000 round sticker labels were pasted overlapping from bottom to top. The armor is painted with acrylic paints in black, pine green, light silver, antique silver and antique gold (. The ornamental strips are made of Polystyrene sheet. The pattern is half milled and half painted.

The brooch is made of wire, stainless steel foil and a big mother of pearl disc. The different layers of the brooch are soldered and glued together. The scarf-like collar is made of vicose satin as interlayer and embroidered crinkle silk chiffon. The collar and the brooch are mounted onto the armor.

Wig and makeup

Water make-up in light grey, pearl silver and pearl dark silver are used for the grey and metallic look. I wear a silver grey lace front wig, black green leggins and black suede boots with the gown.


  • This gown is made in cooperation with Sven L. Weber from Tygron Design
  • Many thanks to Birgit Müller for the help with painting the armor
  • Andreas Kinder and Birgit Müller, thank you for the pictures!

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