Deanna Troi

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Deanna TroiCharacter: Counselor Deanna Troi
Variant: Uniform dress
Debut: April 2008

Color of the dress

On screen and on promotional pictures the dress always looks turquoise. But at the catalogue of the Chrisite’s auction “40 Years of Star Trek: The collection” in 2005 the dress is described as “an emerald green long-sleeved dress”. The explanation of these different interpretations of the color of the dress is that there’re existing two versions of the dress: one in turquoise and one in emerald green. You can read about that in the description of the pattern of Deanna Troi’s dress licensed by Paramount.


The dress is made of emerald green jersey. The long-sleeved dress has an asymmetric neckline, princess seams and a asymmetric waist seam. The fake belt is set directly on the dress just above the waist line. It’s quilted just as the neckline and the edge of the sleeves. The communicator is licensed merchandise.

Tights and shoes

We also made the tights out of the emerald green jersey. This was the first time ever that we’ve made tights. We took ordinary tights as template and it worked quite well.

The shoes were ready-made pumps. The outer layer of the shoes is a woven fabric which was painted in the matching color with acrylic paint.

Hair circlet and hairstyle

I took a ready-made plastic hair circlet and covered it with the green jersey. I used sequin bands in emerald green and dark blue to decorate the circlet. To make the circles, I first sew emerald green band spirally onto a piece of loose fabric. Then I cut out the circle created by the sequin band and sew the overlaying fabric beneath the circle. And finally I sewed the circle of sequin band onto the hair circlet. In the end, I sew sequin band in dark blue wavelike around them.

I use a curled half wig to create the typical head of curls of Deanna Troi.


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