White Wool Gown

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Eowyn white woolCharacter: Éowyn of Rohan
Variant: White wool gown
Debut: October 2007


The gown consists of two dresses which were sewn together at the neckline. The outer dress is made of a cream cotton crepe. The dress has a curved waist seam that is hidden by the belt. To get a better fit we’ve added bust darts. The outer sleeve is trumpet shaped. It’s lined with an off-white brocade. There’s a fine zigzag braiding in gold and cream at the sleeve edges and around the armhole (the same trim is also used for decorating the neckline and as cord for lacing of the inner sleeves). There’s also a plaited braid wrapped around the upper arm. This bread is made out of ivory wool thread. The neckline is decorated with a floral metal thread embroidery in silver and gold. It’s framed by a fine zigzag braiding in gold and cream which is also used to decorate the rest of the dress.

The inner dress is made of white cotton. The sleeves are made of an off-white brocade. There’s a lacing at height of the forearm. The straps of the lacing are made of off-white soutache. One row of straps is sewn into the seam of the sleeves. There’s a dart added at the edge of the inner sleeve and a second row of straps is sewn into the dart. The fine zigzag braiding in gold and cream is used as cord.


The medallion belt was really challenging to make. The belt consists of a Y-shaped girdle and a silver medallion belt worn over it. The Y-shaped girdle is made of the same fabric as the outer dress. It’s decorated all-over with a thin gold trim in a wavelike design.

There’re two different types of medallions. The center medallion is a little bit bigger and has a slightly different design than the other ones. Each medallion consists of several components: a laser cutted steel sheet as base, aluminium wire and pearls in two different sizes. The finished medallions were painted with silver acrylic paint and sewn directly on the Y-girdle.


I wear flower earrings and a floral necklace with this gown (official merchandise).

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