Babylon 5

Minbari DelonnCharacter: Delonn, a Minbari from the religious caste (invented character inspired by Lennier)
Variant: Senatorial robes (original design)
Debut: May 2009

Delonn is a fictive character which is inspired by the race of the Minbari from the TV series “Babylon 5”. He’s a member of the religious caste and a negotiator of the Minbari. The costume consists of three parts.

Inner tunic, waistcoat and vest

The inner tunic is made of light pink cotton jacquard. It has long sleeves and a keyhole opening in the back.

The waistcoat is made of a blended fabric in red and black. The wide sleeves are three-quarter length. The front opening and the sleeves are decorated with a satin bias tape in grey, pink and steelblue. The waistcoat is held in place with the help of a stiffed fabric belt with a fancy belt buckle as decoration.

The vest is made of striped cotton fabric in light grey, rose and light blue. It has a yoke in lilac jacquard and is lined with a lilac blended fabric. The waistcoat is decorated with the same bias tape as used for decoration of the waistcoat.

Pants, boots and accessories

I wear beige pants and black boots with the costume.

The horn crown is officical merchandise. We’ve cut away the bold head part and replaced it with a single-use bold head latex piece.


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