Slytherin student

Harry Potter series

Slytherin studentCharacter: Slytherin student
Variant: School uniform
Debut: June 2007


The cloak is made of black poplin. It has wide sleeves and a wide pointed hood. The hood and the sleeves are lined with dark green cotton. The cloak itself is not lined completely. It has just a facing of dark green cotton on the inside of the front opening to create the impression that the cloak is lined completely. The cloak has a frog closure. The patch is official merchandise.


The sweater was a present of a friend of mine. The dark gray wool v-neck sweater is ready-made from a Swedish fashion boutique chain. The gray-green stripes at the hem of the waistband and sleeves and are embroidered by hand with thick wollen thread in light gray and dark green.

Skirt, blouse and tie

The skirt and the blouse are ready-made clothing which I already had. The tie is official merchandise.

Scarf and wand

My Mom was so kind and knitted the scarf for me. It’s made of light gray and green polyacryls. The measures are 20 x 250 cm (approx. 8 x 98 inches). I use a dark brown knitting needle made of rose wood as wand.


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