Boggart Snape

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Boggart SnapeCharacter: Severus Snape
Variant: Boggart outfit
Debut: November 2015


The woman suit is made of olive green crushed cotton velvet and blue green viscose lining. The single breasted blazer with Vienna seams has notch lapels and welt pockets. The blazer is decorated with four spider brooches. The mid-calf length gore skirt has a decorative white batiste trim attached to the hem of the underskirt and closes in the back with an invisible zipper. A tea dyed longsleeve shirt is worn underneath.


The cat collar is made of white faux fur, white acetate lining and the heads of two plush cats. I wear a wooden beads necklace, black net gauntlets, a decorated black witch hat, skin-colored tights, black shoes and a red faux leather handbag with the suit.


  • Birgit Müller, thank you for the pictures!

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