Tari Telemnar

The Silmarillion

Character: Tari Telemnar
Variant: Olive green gown
Debut: October 2006

Tari Telemnar is a fictive character. Character and gown are inspired by the ancient elves in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion”.

Underdress, overdress and corset

The underdress is made of silk crepe georgette and hand dyed in olive. It has princess seams and big, trapezoidal sleeves.

The overdress made of silk velvet and hand dyed in olive. It has a draped collar which slightly overlaps the shoulders and the corset in front and widens in the back so that it looks like a very small cape. The shape of the sleeves is like the sleeves of the underdress trapezoidal. The dress fastens in front with 3 pairs of straps of golden pearl strands (you can see the tail end escape beneath the corset).

The corset is made of silk velvet and of course hand dyed in olive, too. The top layer of the silk velvet is pursed irregularly. It closes in the back with lacing.


The crown and the huge brooch on top of the corset are also self-made by my friend. They’re made of tick, golden wire. The brooch is additionally decorated with even more of these golden pearl strands.


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